Join us to celebrate and build maker culture together!

Our origin story

Many communities formed on Google+ before Google shut down Google+ in 2019. Many members of those communities wanted to keep in touch. Some moved to Reddit, some to Twitter, some to MeWe — and some of us banded together to build our own community not subject to corporate whim.

The members of the “K40” community (for hobbyist CO2 laser cutters and engravers) on Google+ joined together on a new Discourse forum called MakerForums, and invited other maker communities to join in. Several 3D printing communities, including the main 3D Printing community, and the HercuLien and Eustathios community, soon joined. So did communities focusing on CNC routers, ChiliPeppr, LaserWeb, and more. Many posts from Google+ were copied to the forum (by permission from community moderators) to preserve maker knowledge built up over the years.

Share what you know, ask what you don’t

Join us at Makerforums! If you used Google+ in the past, you may sign up with your Google account that you used with Google+ in order to be recognized as the author of the posts you made on Google+.

Want to chat?

Some MakerForums community members also hang out together on MakerForums Slack. There, we get notifications of new posts in active forum categories and site maintenance activity, and can otherwise just enjoy chatting. Slack has mobile applications for Android and iOS. Subscribing to channels you are interested in is one of several ways to be notified about new content at MakerForums Discourse on a phone. Be aware that MakerForums Slack isn’t permanently archived. That’s what the Discourse forum is for. The slack messages go away after a while.

Join MakerForums slack, then please set your slack profile Display Name to your MakerForums Discourse forum user name so we’re not confused. The same site rules apply on Discourse and Slack! Keep it clean and friendly.

Here are some Slack channels you might be interested in joining:

  • #help Site update and outage notices, notifications of posts in the Site Help / Feedback Discourse forum category, and general MakerForums help, but not help for machines, tools, etc.

  • #k40 conversation and notifications about hobbyist CO2 lasers

  • #herculien conversation and notifications about HercuLien, Eustathios, and Ingentis 3D printers.

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